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Desktop: Its rechargeable battery and allows compact dimensions, it will be carried out gradually and can be used in various opposed to a laptop computer, a desktop, due to its size and power requirements in one place, desk / table, a personal computer in a form intended for regular use at the positions. The most common configuration of a computer monitor, keyboard and mouse, and the main components of the PC, the power supply, motherboard, hard drive, optical drive, and a case that houses the floppy drive. Typically an upright tower form factor of the case or the (horizontal) is the desktop. In the monitor and the PC components that integrate a unit all-in-one computers, they are often an external power source and a separate keyboard / mouse required, are categorized under the umbrella of the desktop computer. Desktop category also encompassed home computers and workstations.
Suitable for use with a laptop or a notebook with a clamshell form factor mobile, a portable personal computer. Laptops and notebooks (the latter than the former are smaller and lighter) used to be a distinction between, there is often no longer any difference in practice. [2] In general settings for laptops, education, including at work and used for personal multimedia.

Laptop: A laptop display, speakers, keyboard and pointing device in a single device (such as a touchpad or a track pad) and a desktop computer, including the components of the inputs, combine. Most modern laptops have an integrated webcam and microphone. A laptop AC adapter from the rechargeable battery, or receives, either by mains electricity. Convertible rugged notebook or laptop devices, and other special provisions, such as, a different category, look for specific types of laptops have been optimized for specific use. Hardware specifications change significantly between different makes and models of laptops.

As was the development of portable computers and laptops became more sophisticated as the development of modern laptops, portable computers, such as the fact that more specialized in the field of military applications such as sales representatives, etc., accountancy, a small niche market, considered to be small, lightweight, low cost, and more powerful, they has become the most widely used for a variety of purposes.

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