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Networking hardware is also known as network equipment or computer networking devices.

The receiver, or data, or data terminal equipment to make the units as hosts. The terms of use of the computer network access to look at the devices. In particular, they mediate the data in a computer network.

Gateway: This is a device that uses different protocols and interfaces are placed at a network node to another network.
Router: This is the ultimate destination of the data packet to forward the packet to a particular network device that determines the next network point. Apart from a gateway, cannot interface different protocols.
Switch: A network of some lines to connect to another network segment allocates a device from the traffic. Unlike a hub, a switch splits the network traffic to and from different destinations in the network and sends it to all systems.
Bridge Router: Combines the functionality of a router and bridge and the OSI layers 2 and 3, a device works.
Proxy server: clients of other network services, computer network service which allows you to make indirect network connections.
Firewall: Network put a piece of hardware or software that is forbidden by the network policy to prevent some of the messages.
Multiplexer: a signal to a device that combines several electrical signals.
Network interface controller (NIC): A wire-based computer network to a device connected to a computer.
Wireless network interface controller: A radio-based computer to connect the computer to a device attached to the network.
Hub: Making them work as a single segment, a device that connects multiple Ethernet segments. When using a hub, each device attached to the same broadcast domain, and shares the same collision domain. Therefore, only a computer connected to the hub can transmit at a time. Depending on the network hub network topology is a basic level 1 OSI model, the connection between objects (workstations, servers, etc.) offers. It provides the connection between the individual nodes, switches, in contrast, provides the bandwidth is shared between all of the objects.
Repeater: Raising or sending them into another, from one part of a network, a device which is adapted to reproduce digital signals.
Multilayer Switch: Providing the functionality at a higher protocol layers, OSI Layer 2 switching, in addition to a switch.
Protocol Converter: Asynchronous and synchronous streams, such as a hardware device that converts between two different types of broadcast.
Modem: to encode digital information to an analog “carrier” signal (such as voice) that modulate and demodulate such a carrier signal to the device to decode the transmitted information. When a computer to communicate with another computer through a telephone network (for example) is used.
Terminal adapter (TA): ISDN is a unique way for.
Line driver: A device to boost the signal to extend transmission distance; The base-band networks are used.

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