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All-in-ones as a printer, scanner and copier (and even sometimes a fax machine) combine, and a small or home office are the ideal addition to dictionaries. Wireless and mobile printing too many movies, so a complete office solution in one compact package.

The toner is generally a piece of paper printed with the toner cartridge to create text and images, is a powder used in laser printers and printers. Carbon powder in its initial form, is a mixture of iron oxide and sugar. Then, to improve the quality of the printout, the carbon with a polymer melt is mixed. [Clarification needed] Toner particles are melted in the heat of the fusee, and paper are bound.

Before the machines, this low-cost carbon toner in the machine was poured by the user from a bottle into a reservoir. Current machines feed directly from a sealed laser toner cartridge.
In computing, a printer paper or on physical media such as graphics or text representation of continuous human-readable, it is a peripheral. The two most common black and white printer mechanisms that are used for general documents and color laser printers, inkjet printers can produce high-quality photo quality.

The world’s first computer printer was invented by Charles Babbage’s difference engine, a 19th century mechanically driven apparatus. The system will print the characters used in a series of metal rods and a roll of paper against the rods, which are difficult characters to print. The first commercial printers typically operate on the lines of electric typewriters and Teletype machines, from the techniques used. The demand for high-speed computer for use exclusively led to the development of new systems. By the mid-1980s, typewriters, similar to the widely used systems are daisy wheel systems, text and graphics, but the product mix is relatively low, the quality of the output, such as output, but at a very high speed, and dot-matrix printers systems product line. For those that need a high quality line art, such as plotter is the blueprint used.

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